I am so sick of the whole bloody “female comedians aren’t funny” comments/articles/discussions.  If you TRULY think that way, fine, whatever; just don’t talk/write about it anymore. I’m so bored with it all.  And frankly, do you REALLY think that?  It’s as ridiculous as saying you don’t like black comics or gay comics – which you wouldn’t because it’s racist or homophobic and idiotic.

Here’s my take; and it’s based wholly on my perception of comedy, but bear in mind I’m pretty deeply mired in it (Canadian comedy, that is).  Seems to me that maybe 10% of professional comics are female… I don’t know WHY that is, it just is; the why to be discussed somewhere else.  So, based on that loose approximation – in a room full of 100 comics, 10 will be women, 90 will be guys.  If you were to watch each and every one (taking away your total exhaustion from the mere feat of doing that) – chances are you’ll find MAYBE 25-30 guys that you totally find hilarious.  The other 60 are split between guys you kind of liked and a bunch you really didn’t.  Fair enough, right?  That means (about) 30% you really dug, and the other 70% were okay/bad. (This isn’t perfectly precise, people – stay with me).  Now let’s look at the women – using a similar equation – out of 10 (yes, TEN) – you may only really laugh at 3 ish.  The rest will be okay or suck.  And, truly, how many women comics have you seen live, compared to men?  3, 4?  If so, there’s a chance that you didn’t enjoy them.  Fact is; the odds are you think you don’t like “women comics” because you haven’t had the chance to give them a fair shake. Funny is funny is funny. If you laugh, the dick/vag thing shouldn’t be in the equation.

I’m mystified by the people (read: men) who think it’s okay to say TO MY FACE – that they don’t usually like girl comics, but they like me (or some such weird back-handed compliment) – to them I say thanks (I’m well brought-up, first and foremost), then – but WHY don’t you like girl comics?  Usually, when I do ask, they can’t answer.  Probably mostly because they are so shocked I’ve taken their compliment the “wrong” way.  But also, they just don’t know.

So here’s all I ask. Stop imagining you hate girl comics and relax. If you do decide that’s your outlook, well good for you.  But stop saying it (esp. to girl comics). Stop writing articles like “Women aren’t funny” or “Men are the funny ones!” or even “Thanks to Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, women were funny this year!” It’s all patronizing bullshit.

And if you chose to ignore my plea above, please know, you’re not going to stop us anyway.

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