Canadian Comedy Awards Part 2

This week is the last instalment of my breathless account of the Canadian Comedy Awards.  If you missed last week, well, it was all giddiness and happy talk, because the weekend was wonderful. That, and I don’t get out much.

Saturday was the last full day of the weekend.  I had every intention of attending the Comedy Writers seminar, but it was at noon, and God help me that was too early for my injured body.  The injuries were self-inflicted via lack of sleep and booze, but painful all the same.  I did, however, drag my sorry self out of bed to make it to the Shehori brothers talk on promoting yourself, which, though advertised for 1pm, was actually at 2pm.  This was a good thing, however, as it gave me a chance to have a giant breakfast of Eggs Benedict which it turns out, was just what I needed.

The Shehori’s seminar was great, though I wish it was longer!  I have much to learn when it comes to self-promotion.  Sometimes I long to just get up there and tell my jokes, but unfortunately we have to sell ourselves if we want to get anywhere.  My head is on the verge of exploding with all the stuff I’ve had to learn in the past year or so, but such is the nature of the beast.

After the Shehori’s, Harry Doupe ran his “Staleness of the Industry” talk.  I had no idea what to expect, but it was funny, funny, funny.  Then there was the Town Hall meeting, where I was very tempted to put myself forward as “Member at Large”, just to ensure that I could go the awards next year, but chickened out in the end…

The Gala show was on the Saturday night, but was sold out (which is great), but meant that most of the comics in Saint John couldn’t attend (which was disappointing).  Shane and I were all ready to head out for dinner when a friend gave me her two tickets.  I was thrilled, but that meant that we had to get ready in about 10 minutes… Managed to get out the door in time, but had to grab a Timmie’s sandwich and eat it on the way; glamorous, me.  The Gala was wonderful, but made me realize that although I didn’t mind losing to Nathan, I woulda traded almost anything to be in his spot on that show, playing to 800 people in that beautiful theatre.

After the Gala was the Comedy Network’s party which was great fun, and Mary Walsh was there!  Didn’t work up the nerve to meet her, but was content in the knowledge that Gordon Pinsent and I are BFF’s.  Later, back to the green room where some generous comics refilled the fridge, and dancing and pizza ensued.  The only scary moment was when an angry, topless and clearly high local guy tried to start a fight outside on the smoking deck.  Although we had the numbers, he clearly knew he was facing a group of comics and could have taken us all.  The police arrived (such excitement), dude talked himself into getting arrested and the party carried on.

Another late night, but had to get up and catch the shuttle to the airport.  So many things could have gone wrong, i.e. the driver planned to get us to the airport at 11:30 for our noon flight (we talked him ‘round – don’t know what he was thinking), the flight was overbooked, there was no coffee in the lounge… but we took off on time, arrived on time, the car started and we were home to the loving embrace of our kids by 2:30.  Of course, my triumphant return was marred somewhat by the kids greeting… “Hi Mommy!  What’s for dinner tonight?”  Reality can be a harsh mistress.

So that was the CCA’s for me in a nutshell.  Many congratulations to all the winners, nominees and especially the organizers – a great time from beginning to end.

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